What to Expect

Getting to Destiny

At Destiny Worship Center we have a simple philosophy: People first belong, then believe, and then behave. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, at DWC, our heart is to make you feel like you belong.

greetingYou will be greeted at the Parking Lot, when you enter through the doors, when you walk through the foyer, and probably one more time before you take your seat. Acceptance to people is a big deal for us because we believe Jesus came to make us feel accepted. Once a person belongs, and God’s love has touched that person’s heart, the believing and behaving start to adjust to the lifestyle that God has in His heart for His children.

The Service at DWC

At Destiny Worship Center, we believe worship is actually the most important part of the service. We connect to God through worship and our style of worship is contemporary and free. Our services in all campuses have live bands and multimedia aiding the worship experience. We play from the most recent cutting edge songs, to sacred hymns that have lasted the test of time. We are an interdenominational church and our heart is to Bridge Denominations. That means we want everyone to have a great time and feel like they connected to God.

worshipWe also want our worship to be a safe place for everyone else. By that we mean that at DWC, people are encouraged to have a wonderful time with God, but Scripture also says to do things in decency and order. We also encourage people to be mindful of those around them. Our heart is to always minister to those who are yet to find Christ, and many times, someone who comes seeking God can get distracted by people who may act a little over the top. Worship is meant to be about God, not about us.

Another layer of our services is our message time. At DWC, expect  to hear the Word of God taught directly from the Holy Bible. We don’t preach a message of hate, or judgment; we believe people change when they are exposed to the unconditional love of God. That doesn’t mean we have a watered down message though. Our version of God’s love is also completely selfless and it does not make allowances for selfish behavior. But we do believe in preaching Hope, Encouragement, Life, and a sense of Purpose and Destiny. That’s why we are called Destiny Worship Center.


At Destiny Worship Center, we want to have the kind of services where any of our 950+ families can invite anyone they know, and have confidence that they are going to have a great time and not have to worry that they will have to apologize for something on Monday morning. We want to be a safe place. Our messages are also geared to challenge people; we have altar calls; invitations to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. We also invite people to receive prayer if they need physical healing or emotional healing. There are teams ready to pray for those who need prayer. Destiny also has campuses in Freeport and Crestview. If you come to these campuses you will find everything we have mentioned in this page, but also there will be times where the message will be delivered by video. Each campus has its own pastor. And there are many times they share the same message as the Destin Campus in live form. But there will be times that the message will be presented by video. Many people don’t know how to react to this, but both our Freeport and Crestview campuses are still growing and expanding because the same DNA that is found in our Destin campus is present in all our campuses.


Children are a HUGE part of everything we do at Destiny. We have worked very hard to develop a state of the art Children’s ministry that is prepared to care, love, and nurture kids from the age of 6 weeks old, until the 5th grade. Every single one of the workers at the Children’s Ministry has been screened by an background check because we believe children are our greatest treasure, and if Destiny is going to be a safe place, then if must begin first with our children. We have very strict security regulations to keep for the safety of our kids at all time.

At Destiny, we do far more than just babysit children while the parents are in service. We provide ministry for all the children according to their age. By the time they have graduated from Destiny Kids (Kindergarten through 5th grade), they will be children that know how to worship, know many stories from the Bible, and know important and vital lessons in being a good Christian child at school, home, and church.

At Destiny

In a nutshell; these are things you should expect when you come to any of our campuses at Destiny Worship Center. We place a high value on people and relationship building. Expect to encounter people who will want to talk to you, greet you, and hopefully develop great friendships that will enrich your life and your family.