Destiny Kids offers a place where children from kindergarten through fifth grade can discover God and develop a passion for His word. Offering exciting worship, creative teaching methods, and plenty of fun and games, children will encounter God and His plan for their lives. Upon promotion from Destiny Kids, your child will know these core truths:

I need to make the wise choice.
I can trust God no matter what.
I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Destiny Kids XD – (4th & 5th Graders)


Current Teaching Series – Entourage

Lights! Camera! Action! Join Julie Simpson and the cast and crew of Treasure Hunters 7 as we learn how to be the right kind of friend. Through the stories and examples found in the Bible, the children will also learn how to choose good friends and how to be a good friend. Roll out the red carpet and check out our latest series: Entourage!

Week 1 – A Good Friend Is Wise!

Week 2 – A Good Friend Is Helpful!

Week 3 – A Good Friend Will Always Be There For You!

Week 4 – Jesus Is A Good Friend!

Week 5 – A Good Friend Prays For Others!

Week 6 – A Good Friend Accepts Others!

Week 7 – A Good Friend Cares For Others!

Week 8 – A Good Friend Tells Others About Jesus!




Destiny Kids is divided into two groups: kindergarten – 1st grade and 2nd – 5th grade and is offered during all of our weekend services.

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