When Pastor Steve Vaggalis launched Destiny Worship Center, the first ministry that was formed was Iron Men. He believed that if the church has strong men, then it will have strong families and therefore it will be a strong church.

Iron Men 318 is something God has put in Pastor Steve’s heart in order to take our local men’s ministry to something more than the current initiatives and meetings that we are having; it’s an elite group of men, members of Destiny Worship Center, that are thinking about the legacy that Iron Men will leave behind to our children and our community. It’s based out of Genesis 14:14 when Abraham took 318 male servants, born to his house, to fight 5 evil kings and deliver Lot from their oppression. These are some thoughts about these men:

1. Iron Men 318 fight to finish what their father started.
It’s all about Legacy. God does more than just a work through a man. He does a multi-generation work through many generational lines. Iron Men 318 is about leaving behind what’s necessary for our children to continue what we are starting as men.

2.  Iron Men 318 are devoted
Gen. 14:4  says that Abraham’s 318 servants were trained.  We don’t take men’s ministry lightly. In order to change a culture, the male culture has to change first. Iron Men 318 model radical abandonment to the Lord Jesus and they live for the advancement of His Kingdom.
I John 2:15 says: “love not the world nor the THINGS of this world. For he that loves the world does not have the love of the Father in him.

3. Iron Men 318 are spiritually aligned
They know that authority flows from submission to Spiritual Authority. None of Abraham’s 318 soldiers had an agenda of their own. They trusted the leadership of Abraham and they fought alongside him to the death. This culture also brings about unity, which is necessary for God to operate in our midst. Now, unity is about alignment not agreement. But that’s the beauty: Our commitment is based on obedience to God, not because we see everything eye to eye with the leader God has appointed over our lives.

4. Iron Men 318 see themselves as the answer to peoples prayers
They know this world is hurting. We are plagued by injustice everywhere we see: Human Traffic, Unloved Children, Abandoned Women, Hopeless Poor, Lost Souls. Iron Men 318 not only work to make a difference in these fronts, they also give financially to build a reservoir that will yield resources to fight these things.

How do I become an Iron Men 318?

1. Be a member of Destiny Worship Center.

2. Commit to give $1,000.00 a year for the next 3 years.

3. Join the fight.

If you desire to be a  part of the Iron Men 318, email Pastor Steve Vaggalis at