Destiny Worship Center Ongoing Outreach Events


Every single week we come together and simply spend a solid time of prayer and intercession on behalf of our community. The agenda is simple: we pray until everyone has come to Christ in our community. In our time of prayer we target church unity across the Body of Christ, an awakening in the hearts of believers, for girls caught in human traffic to be freed, for every foster child to find a loving home, for the poor and homeless to have hope again, for people in addiction to be loosed from their bondage, and for every single person that needs Christ in our area. During this time we don’t focus on personal needs; it’s all out for God and those He loves.
We meet every Monday Night at 6:00pm at the empty store next to Rack Room Shoes in the Silversands Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach.

Immediate Response Vessels (I.R.V)

I.R.V is an Outreach Group from Destiny Worship Center that targets unchurched families in need. Most of them are single moms or elderly people with great challenges that need help. We receive donations of furniture and appliances, clothing and food and God always direct us to where the need is found. We plan for one big event each month and we try to help in an ongoing way with the smaller things like clothing, food, diapers, etc.

Destiny Worship Center Seasonal Outreach Events

Each Winter, the members of Destiny Worship Center gather non-perishable food, toiletries, and other things to bless local ministries like Harvest House or the Muscogee Nation of Florida. The reality is that we collect such items all year long but this is the time of the year when we try to make a concentrated effort in doing this. The Muscogee Nation in Bruce has a food pantry that serves people bimonthly that always needs food.

Download our 2012 Winter Charity Drive Flyer.

For this Outreach event, Destiny joins forces with the Families First Network, and under their direction; we provide beautiful Mother’s Day baskets for struggling single moms or elderly grandmas caring for their grandkids. The Church collects them and distributes them. The heart of this outreach is to minister to neglected areas in women’s hearts that are felt in a particular way during mother’s day.

Each summer, Destiny Worship Center helps students in our community who struggle financially with a brand new backpack filled with the school supplies they need in order to let them know that God loves them and believes in them. In 2010 we blessed over 1,200 students with New Backpack and New Tennis Shoes. Each student for each class that applies will get exactly what they need for their school year. From all our Outreaches this one requires the most resources.

Each fall, the members at Destiny Worship Center collect baskets fillled with all the food that is necessary to prepare a thanksgiving meal. We also send teams throughout the community to deliver these baskets to families who struggle financially. In 2010, more than 500 homes received a Thanksgiving Basket. It is a great effort to provide a great Thanksgiving in people in need, but it is also an eye opener to the massive need the exists in our community.

Each Christmas Season, in partnership with the Families First Network, Destiny members get Christmas gifts for the Foster kids in our community. Each child gets 4 gifts and before Christmas we offer them a party where we give them their gifts and minister to them the love of Christ. According to some of the case workers, this is the highlight of their year. But the work is far from gone and that is why we are working to find loving homes to all foster children. For more information, visit our Iron Men page.

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives and be involved in any of these areas, please contact Santiago Rodriguez at santiago@destinyworship.com or call (850) 650-6800. Follow us on FackBook